Ian Clayton & Grant Mahoney 25th-27th August   Leave a comment

Hey folks, time is surely flying and our into the unknown gathering is fast approaching. We are very excited about this gathering especially because we also have Grant Mahoney with us as well as Ian Clayton. I just wanted to send out a final invitation to anyone who feels called to come and join us as we engage in the heavenlies. We still have places so simply follow the instructions on Scotland Ablaze.

I believe this is going to be a springboard for Scotland as a nation and all those who attend. We are in days where we can see darkness all around us but in secret, in hiddennes there is a sound arising.  There is a drumbeat, there is a heart beat. The Lions paw is about to step onto the land and the sons of light are about to emerge. Christ in us, the hope of Glory is about to shine in us fully and display the fullness of who He is and also reveal the mystery of who we are in Him.  These are the days that God has spoken about in ages past through his holy Apostles and Prophets. There’s a sound emerging, can you hear it, can you feel it?  Let us rise and be part of it!


Posted July 27, 2016 by stephenmckie in revival

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