Podcast -Tabernacles – A New Era (Stephen McKie)   1 comment

In this podcast Stephen McKie teaches on the feast of tabernacles and how it is the next event in Gods calendar.  What we have experienced up until now is simply a down payment of what is to come, we have seen nothing yet! God is about to release such a magnitude of Glory that we will be changed from Glory to Glory and will become the mature Sons that all creation is waiting for! A New Era is upon us and its the new era of tabernacles! Click on the link and enjoy!

Tabernacles – A New Era (Stephen McKie).


Posted February 28, 2015 by stephenmckie in revival

One response to “Podcast -Tabernacles – A New Era (Stephen McKie)

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  1. It’s always so exciting to receive an email from you my brother because I know you are such a diligent, focused SON… Halleluia! Can always visualize what you’re speaking about. can’t wait to have koininia with all of you Scotland people…mahalo from Hawaii…

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