These Bones WILL Live (Caithness 2015)   1 comment

This Message was given at New Wine Caithness (North of Scotland). God gave Stephen a message for the North that all the drybonespromises and dreams from the past will live. It may seem that some of the prophecies and dreams have been delayed or even failed but as God spoke to Ezekiel and asked him if the dry bones could live so the Lord is asking us, can the promises that have been given long ago live? the answer is yes!! Scotland and the nations will see a move of God like the earth has never seen before and all the prophecies given to our nation (and nations) will be fulfilled!! The dry bones will respond to the word of the Lord!! click on the link to listen:

These Bones WILL Live (Caithness 2015).


Posted February 11, 2015 by stephenmckie in revival

One response to “These Bones WILL Live (Caithness 2015)

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  1. My spirit was in bliss listening to this and my heart was crying YES!

    So good.

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