Godfrey Birtill’s Message to Scotland   1 comment


I came across this on facebook and thought i would share it here! Separation isn’t just about Scotland it also affects our family across these islands!  


“I wrote this song while in Kyle of Lochalsh in 1998.
Lets stick together Scotland! The thought of a break up of our union really saddens me. x

I have come to these islands
To undo heavy burdens
Set the oppressed free.
Give bread to the hungry;
I have come to these islands
To loose chains of injustice,
Reach the rejected.
Cover the naked.

Yes the light will break forth like the morning
And your healing will spring everywhere;
Then your righteousness will go before you
And when you cry – I shall here.

I have come to these islands
With no pointing finger,
But the hands of a builder,
A homelife restorer;
I have come to these islands
To rebuild ancient ruins,
Raise up the foundations,
For this generation.

Yes your light will shine out in the darkness
And the darkness become bright as day;
You will ride this earth’s highest mountains
And all your work will be to my praise.”
(Godfrey Birtill 98© Whitefield Music)


Posted September 7, 2014 by stephenmckie in revival

One response to “Godfrey Birtill’s Message to Scotland

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  1. this song pulls the heart strings it is so true, my husband is a highlander i am a geordie it breaks our heart to see the split of our islands it will affect many families but not many people have give this much thought .

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