Scotlands Cry for Justice   2 comments

I love the cry that’s coming just now in our nation, the cry for justice, the outrage against illegal wars abroad and unfair taxes at home. I hear the cry for the poor and the outrage against child poverty.  I agree with that cry wholeheartedly.  Something has happened in Scotland, the sleeping nation has awoken and its voice is shouting aloud!  A voice is speaking; thundering forth and a people are looking and longing for and demanding a more just society.  How can anyone disagree with that cry?  No one ever should!


But my hearts cry is this, why does that cry need to stop at the borders of Scotland? Why can’t a voice that has begun to shout in Scotland not also begin to arise in England, Wales and N Ireland?  Scotland is a prophetic nation and the prophetic voice is being proclaimed through the people of Scotland.  This national voice carries the heart of the father images (1)no doubt but what if that voice linked even more deeply with the apostolic voice of England.  What if England awoke with us and together we began to walk in the full restoration of who we are supposed to be?  The lion and the unicorn, the Apostle and the Prophet!  What if those 2 redeemed national gifts awoke and stood shoulder to shoulder? What if this awakening in Scotland is supposed to link us deeper and supposed to awaken us to the true redemptive gift of England and Scotland functioning together as one voice?  What would happen if we stay together and focus our sights on standing side by side in unity? We the Scots historically haven’t been treated as equals that is true but what if this is our time to vote yes to unity and equality? What if the giant of England arises with us and together we stand as an Apostolic and Prophetic nation and bring forth the blueprints of heaven to help heal our broken society?  Could this be the time? I believe so!


Posted September 3, 2014 by stephenmckie in revival

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2 responses to “Scotlands Cry for Justice

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  1. Brilliant, well balanced and spoken like a veteran.

  2. Love your teachings !!

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