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We really are seeing the beginnings of a radical generation rising in Europe. Its so exciting to be part of it. So i want to to thank everyone who supports me through prayer of financially. Revival fires need to be stoked and that cant happen without your support. Thank you, Stephen Mckie

Company of Burning Hearts

The COBH team has landed. Here’s the latest news from Jane Schroeder –

“We have just returned from three momentous days with the next generation youth of France. 

Jane Schroeder
Straight away the worship crew set the pace for a powerful yet gentle intoxicating flow of the Spirit, leading us into heavy glory trances. Many people experienced visions, throne room encounters & angelic visitations. We love Daddies liqueur cabinet – drunken Bliss of Love!

Jane Schroeder

Stevie McKie  and I enjoyed tag teaming. We shared on stepping into Mount Zion’s Governmental system – the mountain of the Lord & Courts of heaven, Galations 2:20, dual passports, citizenship, living on the earth & in heaven at the same time. 

We all stood together & practised stepping into heaven. A young girl fell to the floor hard, but to our surprise unharmed, completely over whelmed by the Holy Spirit of God. She experienced an encounter where she described a door opened in the depths of the…

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Posted March 7, 2013 by stephenmckie in revival

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