Engaging the Heavenly Courts   1 comment

Hello, just wanted to post one of the recent teachings i gave in South Africa called, ” How to Engage in the Court System of Heaven”. In These days God is teaching his people how to engage the heavenly realms so that we as the church can see real change on the earth. Jesus said He would build His church (ecclesia) 
and the gates of hell would not be able to prevail against this. Well the Ecclesia (church) that Jesus said he would build was not exactly the church model that we have become accustomed too. The Ecclesia really means a people called out to legislate. We are actually supposed to be the government over cities, regions and ultimately Nations! So have a listen and you will learn how to engage the court system of heaven. A reformation has begun  in Scotland and beyond and learning how the court system of heaven works is a huge part of it!!

click on the link below and enjoy!!

Engaging the Heavenly Courts.


Posted November 11, 2012 by stephenmckie in Prophetic words, revival, scotland revival

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  1. Engaging the Heavenly courts…Awesome teaching!!!

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