The Saltcoats Adventure   1 comment

In a dream I had recently I was standing outside the church in Saltcoats that my parents were part of when I was growing up (the church has been closed for many years now). However, I was pointing upwards as I looked at my dad and said, “The prophetic words given to this church and Saltcoats are still alive, you just need to claim them”! As a result of that dream my mum and dad went over to that church and did just that-they claimed the promises that had been given by God to that church and Saltcoats.

So that folks is why we are having meetings in the Argyle Community Centre.
I believe this is the time to advance the kingdom like never before; it’s time to throw our nets out once again. It’s time for the fulfillment of all that God has spoken over Saltcoats.

We don’t have a clue what the meetings will look like as we realize that this is a new season and this is the day of the new wine skin (whatever that looks like). So if you have a heart for the three towns and have a desire to see God move in our midst (like He has promised), then you will be most welcome to join us. We don’t know all that God is up to but hey, it’s ok – He has a good plan and all we need to do is align ourselves with His plan and he will build his church.


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  1. Praise God that’s awesome news

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