Joels Army is Arising!   1 comment

Hey Folks this song is about Joels Army arising in our day. You may or may not be aware but God is on the move in our world and there is an army arising that the world has never seen before. It’s not an army of tanks and guns but an army of sons who know who they are in God. This army is going to demonstrate the power and might of God like the world has never seen!  As my friend from  Wales says ” There is a measure of the Glory that no generation has ever seen” !  We are about to see this Glory demonstrated!! This will truely be an age of Shock and Awe!!

Click on the play button and listen to this:


One response to “Joels Army is Arising!

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  1. I totally agree with this statement Stephen !! These are the things God has been highlighting in last month or two to me !! and not just in the church – but in the city — all day – every day ! God bless the work you are doing !! Don’t know if most of the ‘body’ are preparing for this ??

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